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II. Statement of the Case Respondent Huntfield, L.c., by counsel, replies to the supplemental brief in response to appeal filed by David and Mary Snyder (hereinafter.2 Introduction Since the 15-16 March 2000 stranding of marine mammals in the Bahamas in conjunction with US Naval ship active sonar activity (Evans et.al. 2000) there has been an emphasis to better.

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m teamphilhealth Accreditation and Quality Assurance Section, Head of the Benefits Administration Section and other staff. 3. The IRM HCI applicant shall prepare the following documents.A NOWU DGMBNT This dissertation was prepared under the guidance of :»5aurice Chagnott Ph.D# of the Institute of Psychology of the Sniveraity of Ottawa, The writer is specially indebted to his ^illaar.

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